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dscf5896.jpgIt’s here! The Grid: Issue 0 is out now, and available at the TAG Conference at UCL this week.

The Grid is an anthology of archaeological comics, edited by myself and Hannah Sackett. It features comics about all aspects of archaeology, from research to writing, from education to public outreach, and from folk-lore to aerial photography. Contributors include: Katy Whittaker, Al Wesolowsky, Tony Pickering with Nick Overton, John Piprani, Hannah Cobb and Elizabeth Healy, plus myself and Hannah Sackett.

This Issue 0 showcases what’s already been done in the field of comics and archaeology, plus suggests some ways in which the medium might be used in the future. We’re planning this anthology to be an annual publication, so are looking for submissions now for Issue 1. What we’re interested in are short, original comics – perhaps extracts from larger works – that use the medium to explore any aspect of archaeology and its related disciplines. We’re interested in seeing how people use comics for outreach and education – but also for research and peer-to-peer communication.

Check out The Grid at TAG, where Hannah will be distributing it at the archaeological comics workshop on Wednesday. She’ll also have a table in the book hall where copies will also be available.

The Grid: Issue 0 – Available now at TAG.

DOWNLOAD The Grid: Issue 0

Making Archaeological Comics workshop with Hannah Sackett:
Wednesday 18 December, 10:00am-12:30pm | Room 790, IoE, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL


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