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Heritage Under Our Feet – Week 36 of the Oswestry Heritage Comics

What were you doing in the summer of 1977? In between watching Star Wars and mourning the deaths of Marc Bolan and Bing Crosby, a keen band of Oswestry volunteers were assisting Professor Barri Jones excavate a Roman marching camp at Rhyn Park. The excavation was a great success – not only did it add to our knowledge of Roman military and frontier archaeology in Britain, but it was the catalyst for the founding of Oswestry’s own archaeology and local history society.

The Oswestry and Border History and Archaeology Group (OBHAG) grew out of the enthusiasm sparked by the excavations at Rhyn Park. It brought together local people in and around Oswestry who were not only interested in archaeology and local history – but also interested in doing original archaeological and historical research. Since then, the group has worked on range of surveys, excavations and restoration projects in and around Oswestry, Trefonen and the Morda valley. They now support the Oswestry Castle Research Project and the annual excavations at Oswestry Castle. In addition to research, OBHAG sponsors regular talks, lectures and presentations by local, national and international academics and researchers on a wide range of archaeological and historical topics (even on heritage comics!).

OBHAG is forty years old this year. Social media, crowdfunding, open research and new scientific techniques have changed the practice of archaeology and local history significantly in those four decades – and OBHAG, too, is changing. The group is looking for members who can bring experience of new media and new technology. Perhaps you’ve got ideas about an Oswestry history app – or thoughts about how to use Kickstarter to fund a local history research project. It’s ideas like this – and changes like this – that will help keep interest in local archaeology and history alive, and groups like OBHAG going for another forty years.

If you’d like to be part of this change, then get in touch!

The Oswestry Heritage Comics are a year-long series of weekly newspaper comic strips about the archaeology, history and heritage of the area around Oswestry, Shropshire in the UK. The comics are published in the Oswestry and Border Counties Advertizer every Tuesday, and on Facebook. The project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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These are some of the cards I made yesterday during out Inside Out Art Group event at Oswestry Library for National Libraries Day. They’re made from phrases cut out of an old book on the study of art, a romance novel, and a Star Wars novel.

You never know: some of you may end up getting one of these on your birthday!

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