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LGD July August 2015

DIG magazine – winner of the Parents Choice Gold Award, 2014. Artwork for July-August 2015 “Let’s Go Digging” section.

I’ve very much enjoyed producing the splash artwork for the Let’s Go Digging section of the upcoming July/August issue of DIG Magazine. The theme of the archaeology section is “Taming Horses”, with articles on sites with early evidence of horse domestication – and the splash artwork introducing the section draws on those articles.

Horses from Pazyryk, kurgan burials, Scythian gold – it’s all been great stuff to draw! But I’m looking forward even more to doing the artwork for the next issue: this time on Aeneas and the aftermath of the Trojan War.


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Rough draft for DIG magazine.

Rough draft for DIG magazine.

I’m back working for DIG – the children’s archaeology magazine published by Cricket media. I’ve done artwork for them off and on since 2003, when they did an article on Çatalhöyük. Since then I’ve drawn ziggurats and moon bases, castles and water-wheels, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Titanic. It’s a great publication, and I’m glad to be back drawing for them. This will be a regular job, creating a splash page for each issue’s archaeology section.

The next issue’s theme is the domestication of the horse, so I get to illustrate a selection of archaeological sites and artefacts to do with horse-riding peoples of Central Asia. So I get to draw cool stuff like Scythian gold vessels and horse-ornaments from the Pazyryk tombs – hurrah!

DIG is like a latter-day Look and Learn – the kind of magazine I loved as a kid. It’s a chance for me to revisit the kind of visualisation of the past that got me interested in archaeology in the first place.

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