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Next week I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con, where I’ve been invited to be a guest panellist on telling indigenous histories through comics. I’ll be joined by my fellow NAGPRA comics author, Jen Shannon, and Elijah Benson, from the MHA Education Department who’s helping us on our second NAGPRA comic. The panel will also include Stan Rodriguez, a teacher and Kumeyaay tribal member from San Diego, Paul Guinan, a comics creator working on a history of the Aztec empire and Pr. Kate Spilde.

The panel will be an opportunity for me to put the case for applied comics about not just indigenous histories and repatriations – but community archaeology, local history and anthropological research – to an audience of serious comics fans! It’s a great opportunity to talk about the unique communication potential of comics to people who understand that in terms of fiction and drama, but not perhaps in terms of information.

The session has been organised by Mike Towry, one of the co-founders of SDCC, who also invited me first to San Diego Comics Fest last year to talk about the NAGPRA comics project. The session is entitled Recovering Indigenous Histories Through Comicsand is going to be a discussion moderated by Johnny Bear Contreras about the use of comics as a tool not just in telling stories, but discovering and researching forgotten, hidden and contested stories.

The session is at 5:30 in Hall H. We’ve already had 125 people sign up for it, so there should be a big crowd. There are some serious names on that list, including well-known creators like Arigon Starr, so we should have some serious Q&A. If you’re going to be at SDCC, please join us. If not, check for us on Twitter, or catch up here – I’ll post a report on how the session went.

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